Portrait of a muscle fitness man reaching for his lower back in pain

Frustrating isn't it?

Waking up every morning and finding that you’re lower or back is paining.

In fact, if you decide to have a rest, you are worsening the situation. Because it will do you no good.

The truth of the matter is that you may never know if you have a herniated disc.

In fact, some of the symptoms that come with herniated disc can be confused with other illness.

If you are experiencing aches, discomfort, tingling or soreness in your back or legs, then know that herniated disc is finding its way into your life.

And it's time that you see a doctor.

One thing that you need to know is that herniated disc is the leading cause of lower or back pain. People that are most affected by this herniated are older people.

This so, because as you age, the spinal disc begins to wear and tear with time.

Staying with herniated for a longer period will result in you having sciatica. It happens when a herniated disc puts more pressure on sciatic nerves.

How Risk Is Herniated Disc To Your Health.

To help you understand what this disc does, you may need to know how your spine operates.

You see, the spine is the center of everything in your body. Inside your spine, there is a disc and the function of the spine is to protect it.

When your spine is hit or when somebody hit you in the spine, the disk starts to receive a shock, leading to less pressure on the actual spine.

The same disc also keeps your limber muscle flexible, and when something is amiss happens, that disc will start to crack or bulge out of the line.

Full length portrait of a sporty woman having back pain over gray background

Back view portrait of a man stretching on black background

How To Lower The Threats Of Having Herniated Disc.

You cannot 100%, reduce herniated disc, but chances are you can lower its threat.

All you need is to do simple things:

  • You need to carry light things that cause less of pressure on your spine.
  • You need to take regular spinal exercise. Exercise will help you heal the tension that is affecting the lower backs.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet. I can't emphasize how important this is. You need to have a healthy, rich diet.

What To Do If You Have Herniated Disc Right Now.

There is a way you can reduce this condition. The inflammation associated with herniated disc can be lowered.

All you need to do is put an ice or heating pad on that area. You can place it for 15 minutes.

Medication can also be used to lower this condition, but you don't need to depend on it entirely.

Finally and the most important is for you to see Dr. Nektalov, a professional chiropractic to help you heal this condition.

Dr. Nektalov uses the noninvasive, nonsurgical, science of chiropractic therapy to treat herniated disc.

The thing that you need to know is that it can take from one month to one year just to cure this condition.

So, utmost patience will be vital on your part so that the healing process can take effect.

Fitness woman having back pain over gray background

Fit man or athlete reaching for his lower back in pain with the painful area highlighted in red.

Herniated disc doesn't have to deny you the joy of life; you can end this today by visiting Nektalov Family Chiropractic, where you will be in the safe hands from the best professional who understands the chiropractic to the core.

Did you find this article interesting? I would like you to do one thing. All I need is for you to share this article so that it can help that one single person who has herniated a disc. 

Even if it's giving him or her advice.

This information can help them restore their normal life.

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