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Do you think that you have low back pain?

Think again.

Because in the next few minutes when I do an MRI, the result is evident.

You have no lower back pain.

What you have bulged disc. You see, most people confuse having a low back pain with bulged disc.

They hardly know the difference.

In America today, almost 40% of the population think they have low back pain, but the reality is that they have bulged disc.

Okay, What Is Bulged Disc?

The primary function of the bulged disc is to act as a shock absorber in the spine. This part of the spine usually becomes damaged through wear and tear.

That is when you start having pain and some discomfort of sorts. It is because of the chemical irritation that puts pressure directly on your spine.


Back pain injury on fit adult man

If you are having low back pain or bulged disc, I understand how difficult it is waking up early in the morning when you have the condition.

But you can change this today.  You don't have to live like this for two months let alone two days.

All you need is to visit Nektalov health and get this worry out of the way. Dr. Nektalov is a professional who have helped clients live a life of wellness and stress-free from bulged disc.

You may not have this condition, but you have a person who is always complaining of back pain. All you need is share this article on Facebook or send them an email.

Or you just need to share, because information is power.



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