Imagine it is morning and you can't wake up. You can't even bend down to pick up something.

Walking is becoming something that you are worried about. An activity that used to be enjoyable now looks like a nightmare. You have to think of your back first before attempting to do anything.

Let alone turn your neck either right or left. You just need to be conscious of doing any task.

Do you know what that is?

Over 30% of Americans, today have either back or neck pain. Thanks to the excellent study that was done by the Gallup-Healthways.

The same survey goes on to say that most people experience back pain as a result of doing or having a routine comprised of the same activity.

After an extended period your body begins to react to changes that are happening to your body. That is when you start noticing weird changes in your back or neck.

Despite all this, there is a solution. You can still live a normal life.

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Here Is How Dr. Nektalov Makes Back Or Neck Pain A 'Thing Of The Past' And Restores Your Normal Life.

You see, Dr. Nektalov believes that the body of a human being functions as one part.

That when one part is sick, the whole body is sick. The best analogy that I can give you is the analogy of the car.

If one part of your vehicle has a problem, it will affect all the other parts of the car. Your body behaves the same way.

Here is What Dr. Nektalov Can Do For Your:

  • He finds the disgruntled tendons or muscles that are affecting you and heal with a holistic approach to chiropractic therapy.
  • He can find out the surface of discomfort through the stretching, balancing, and correction.

If you are experiencing this condition, he will be more willing to help you.

  • Acute Low Back Pain (ALBP)/Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP)
  • Lower Cross Syndrome (the result of poor posture)
  • pinched nerve
  • spinal conditions (like Scoliosis or herniated discs)
  • muscle injuries

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Handsome businessman sitting at teh table with back pain

The joy of life is knowing that you, your family and friends are living a happy life.

You can only achieve this by visiting a professional at Nektalov family chiropractor, who will give you more information on how to live a life free from back pain.

Plus, if you have friends or family that you think you will be making a great contribution to their well-being, please share this information on Facebook or even send them an email.

In short, be a giver, not a taker and they will appreciate you.




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