What is sciatica?


Many people are having pain that starts in low back and shoots down the leg, which is called sciatica. The word sciatica comes from the name of a big fat nerve that runs down behind a leg, which is being formed from low part of the spine’s nerve roots. Most often the interference of sciatic nerve starts in the spine, due to herniated disc or misalignment of the lumbar vertebra, which can put tremendous amount of pressure follows by inflammation that starts sever acute pain. In many cases sciatic nerve can all also be trapped between some very strong muscles like piriformis and gluteal muscles, due to pelvic misalignment.

A non-surgical or invasive treatment: ATM2 (Active Therapeutic Movement) incorporated with Chiropractic adjustment has been very effective and promising in eliminating 50% – 100% of sciatic pain and/or increasing in pain-free Range Of Motion immediately after a first treatment.  For more info please visit https://nektalovhealth.com/active-therapeutic-movement/

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