Digital X-Ray Technology

VIZTEK digital x-ray has completely revolutionized how x-ray imaging is done. The benefits from digital x-ray are enormous:

  • It’s faster.
  • We can view images instantly.
  • There’s up to 90 percent less radiation, making the VIZTEK an ideal low-dose solution for applications such as scoliosis evaluation in the pediatric segment.
  • We can enhance images in a variety of ways to improve viewing.
  • Images can be stored electronically for instant retrieval in the future, if needed.
  • We avoid the chemicals used in the traditional developing process.

 How Digital X-Ray Works

With digital radiography, we use a small sensor connected directly to a computer instead of a film packet. Taking X-rays is faster because the sensor is merely moved; we don’t to reload a film positioner for each image. It’s also faster because the X-rays are available immediately on the computer monitor, with no development step in between. Because the digital X-ray exposure is shorter than taking conventional X-rays, the amount of X-ray radiation is reduced by up to 90 percent.

Digital X-rays allow us to see details and make adjustments without retaking X-rays of the patient, and are a tremendous help in our diagnosis. We can also save images in our computer system for instant retrieval at a later date.

Digital radiography is an advanced technology that speeds treatment and helps us make the most accurate and efficient diagnosis of your spinal condition.


Overall Wellness and Relaxation

Massage Therapy is the assessment and treatment of soft tissue and joint dysfunction and pain. Massage can help restore flexibility and range of motion as well as increase overall wellness and relaxation.

All types of Massage Therapies

Treatment can include myofascial release, thai massage, acupuncture/ electro-acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound and taping, IFC, joint mobilization, home exercise and cupping therapy.

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