Chiropractic Spinal Corrective Care

Our Spinal Corrective Treatment is a highly-advanced, scientific, and proven chiropractic technique which corrects and restores your spine back to alignment.

Pain is nothing more than just a “check engine light” in your body. Pain is letting you know something is wrong, that you need to be checked by the Spine Specialist Chiropractor. Getting to the root cause of your pain, we need to address your posture because it is a window into your spine. Your spine surrounds and protects the MOST important organ in your body that controls and regulates every function in your body, which is your Nervous System the brain and spinal cord. Your nervous system responsible for your day to day bodily functions, from your immune, cardiovascular, and digestive system, to sexual function and mobility – your nerves are responsible for sending vital information and energy from the brain to your organs through your spine.

How do people develop poor posture?

Loss of spinal posture can start as early as middle school, because of improper sitting position, caring heavy bags that forces you to push your shoulders and head forward and over time posture adapts in that position. People that have desk job that requires them to sit in front of computer 8-10 hours a day for many years is one of the largest causes of poor posture.


Correct Posture is at the core of the Chiropractic Spinal Corrective method of treatment. The curves in your spine act as levers, shock absorbers, and resistance to gravity; they also protect and reduce forces acting on the spinal cord and nerve tissues. But, gravity, age, poor posture, improper physical activity, injury, and disease can all play a role in misalignment of your spinal curves and, as a result, your entire body.

We can help restore that balance. Following a scientific analysis of your posture and the curvature of your spine, a treatment plan is developed, based on your deficits, to restore proper alignment, relieve pain, and improve function.

Your treatment plan may include a variety of tested and proven Spinal Corrective techniques, including:

  • We do not accept everyone as a patient here at Nektalov Family Chiropractic & PT Center. To be considered the doctor must:
          1. Go through an evaluation of your condition
          2. Find the cause of your condition
          3. Be able to correct the cause and show results
  • A comprehensive chiropractic examination and evaluation including the tests necessary will be performed to further help determine the precise cause of your problem. Next, a short physical exam by the doctor will involve palpation to explore the alignment of your spine and other structures, as well as provide information on any stimuli that may cause pain. Very specific spinal x-rays will be taken to be able to pin point, measure, and determine the cause of your problems. When it comes to the importance, and crucial role of your spine and nervous system controlling your entire health, we do not guess on your health. To see is to know.

  • If the doctor finds any damage in your spine, which is causing the problems that you know about or don’t know about, you will be asked to schedule a special follow-up appointment called the “Doctor’s Report”. At the Doctor’s Report, Dr. Nektalov will be going over:
          1. What’s causing your condition.
          2. How it’s affecting your health right now.
          3. What the initial requirements are for being accepted as a patient.
          4. What the initial cost will be.
  • For those reasons, you MUST have your spouse or significant other, at the report to be involved in the decisions that you will need to make. After reviewing your case, the doctor will decide if you will be accepted as a patient and a thorough explanation of care recommendations and the action steps you need to take to obtain the results you desire.

Cervical Traction is used for loading and unloading to reestablish necessary motion in both the cervical and lumbar spine, hydrates discs, and prepares for restoration of cervical curves.

Specially-designed seat that provides 360° of rotation, 40° of side to side flexion and 35° of front to back flexion on a universal type joint to facilitate all possible combinations of exercise motion needed for lumbar disc mobility, re-hydration, nutrition delivery, and waste elimination.

Ice or Hot pack therapy used to help with pain reduction; ice for acute inflammation injury and hot for chronic conditions.

The objective of chiropractic adjustment is to reduce the subluxation, with the goals of increasing range of motion, reducing nerve irritability and improving function.

This dynamic traction table has a moving top on which the patient glides back and forth, while fractioning cervical spine, which allows spine to respond to functional therapy.

Static traction chair is designed to be the ultimate tool to address and rehabilitate the reversed cervical and lumbar spine, especially once it has reached the advanced stages.

Flexion distraction involves the use of a specialized table that gently distracts, or stretches, the spine, and able to isolate the area of pain while slightly flexing the spine in a pumping rhythm.

Vibration therapy is a form of therapy that uses whole body vibration to enhance involuntary muscle contraction to achieve neuro-muscular re-education.

ATM aims to normalize movement impairments that are related to the patients’ complaints, as detected in the functional examination, which help not only reduce pain but also correct spinal alignment.

This therapy goal is to strengthen cervical extension muscle to improve and correct cervical curve.

To maintain the correction that was achieved at our center, the patient must maintain it by doing home therapy during and after spinal corrective care was completed.

Every 12th visit re-evaluation will be done by the doctor to monitor improvement, which includes spinal assessment, postural evaluation and spinal x-ray.


Remember your spinal health outcomes are based on your health choices! 



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