Chiropractic Corrective Care vs Pain Relief Care

neck-x-raysThere are many different ways of practicing chiropractic. Vast majority of chiropractors mimic mainstream medical model today for many different reasons. Unfortunately health insurance companies play a huge roll in our health care today. Many chiropractors are participating in many health insurance companies. When patient comes in for chiropractic care, unfortunately they get insurance’s recommendation for care instead of doctor’s, just because insurance does not pay for correction of the cause of the symptom that the patient came in initially.

Very important to understand that pain is only a symptom, there is always a cause. Using pain killers for pain relief is nothing but covering up the symptoms and not correcting the true cause. It’s like diving a car and your check engine light comes on, and you would just cover with piece of tape over it and continue to drive. You may be able to drive a little longer, but eventually the car will break down.

What is Corrective Chiropractic Care? Those chiropractors that utilize corrective spinal techniques will have office filled with high tech corrective equipment. Most importantly corrective care office will do pre and post x-rays, which will show and monitor correction during chiropractic care. Most patients will spend between 45-60 mins in the office while getting corrective chiropractic therapy. Depending on each individual case, corrective care is combination of therapeutic exercises to strengthen the muscles to hold an adjustment, traction the spine to position the spine in proper alignment. If you are having neck, back, and/or low back pain and you have not had your spine checked in the last six months click HERE to be checked on us.

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