Scoliosis: What Is It?

Normal spines have 4 natural curves from the side. When looking at the spine from the side, it curves out at the cervical spine (neck), in at the thoracic spine (mid-back), out at the lumbar spine (low back), and slightly in at the sacrum.

When looking at the spine from the back, it should be straight. If it curves to either side, then it’s scoliosis that occurs in approximately 2-4% of population. On an x-ray, the spine of a person with scoliosis looks more like an “S” or a “C” than a straight line. We see this back issue often at our New York City Chiropractic Office

It can be associated with back pain, neck pain, diminished quality of life, limited activity, decreased respiratory function and lower self-esteem.

Scoliosis is more prevalent in girls and is usually detected between 8 and 14 years of age by either a pediatrician or the parents.

Current Medical approach to scoliosis treatment:

  • 0-25 degrees – observation
  • 25-40 degrees – bracing
  • 40+ degrees – surgery

There are millions of people worldwide suffering from scoliosis. Thousands of children will have dangerous and unnecessary spinal fusion surgery every year because parents are told that surgery is the only way to treat scoliosis. Research studies from 1991 to 2010 have shown medical bracing is ineffective in correcting scoliosis or delaying future surgery. Bracing also restricts movement causing muscle weakness and reduced flexibility in a child.

Scoliosis Care for Children From a Queens Pediatric Chiropractor

PARENTS!!! You have much more effective and safer options. CLEAR-Institute has developed a system that can effectively reduce and stabilize scoliosis without bracing or surgery. There is no one magic chiropractic adjustment or therapy which will work in every case. Scoliosis treatment must be customized to the particular, specific needs of each individual patient.

  • First step gathering all information during very detailed spinal evaluation, followed by seven small, precise x-rays which are necessary. These seven views will include three side views of the neck, a side view of the low back, two frontal views of the neck, and one frontal view of the low back.
  • Second step is prior to receiving chiropractic adjustments; the patient is required to warm up their spine using devices such as the Active Rehabilitation Chair, Cervical Traction, and the Vibrating Traction.
  • Third step would follow with mechanical adjusting instrument and specialized drop table pieces.
  • Fourth step after the adjustment the spine needs to be “set” in its corrected position to ensure the permanency of the changes. This involves spinal weighting protocols, whole-body vibration therapy and Scoliosis Traction Chair.
  • Fifth step would be a follow-up exam. We would have to take a post x-ray to validate the effectiveness of the treatment protocol.

Scoliosis Treatment Queens NY

Remember, early detection and intervention gives patients the best prognosis in their recovery from scoliosis. If you or your child have been told by your medical doctor “just wait”, get a second opinion by a chiropractic scoliosis specialist today.”To learn more about your treatment options please visit

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